неделя, 14 юни 2009 г.

Darken moon

Darken moon, bloody moon, and bloodstained is the heaven.
Cruel shadows and whirlwinds. Wicked breath of the Death.
Flowers falling to dust, Gardens turned into deserts.
I am waiting for you with my last blind hope left.
I have dusk on my lips; fading stars in my hands,
bleeding scars on the feet. Trying not to feel pain.

Yes, a child am I. Right. But I know all your darkness.
Leaden storms, icy spikes…Burning wounds, purple rage.
Look me Deep in the Eyes. Let me lighten your madness.
Don't you see in my sight twinkling pieces of yourself?

Yet the woods lay in ashes. Quicksands steeped in curse.
All my being is shivering but I know well the price…
You can hurt me, or kill me, or worse, love, but first…
Look … at … me … in … the … eyes.

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