събота, 22 август 2009 г.

Maire Brennan - Misty Eyed Adventures

Gently reach the blossom
Part the leaves and journey on
Don’t be afraid
Seas are deep
Stay close to me
Picture ships full of treasures
Stormy Weather warning clouds
Don’t be afraid
Oceans are wide
Feel our time is precious
Promising that you turn to me
Side by side
Arm in arm
My love is true
Echo sound of raindrops call
Never fear I’m there when you fall
Side by side
Hand in hand
My love is true

Misty eyed adventures
Frame of thought be brave and bold
Don’t be afraid
Birds will sing
Always for you
Springtime days will grow longer
Building castles happy and sad
Don’t be afraid
Years will pass
Feel our love is endless


Delerium - Duende - Lyrics

Bleak desolation
In a beam of sun
Scraping as I crawl
Your heart can’t hear me
Tearing bruising fall
Your hands can’t hear me
Thirsting raging blind
Your eyes can’t hear me
Racing against time
Your arms can’t hear me
Like and angel you’ll come
In a dream, precious one
And, make me beautifully numb
Desperate panicked calls
The wind can’t hear me
Muffled weak and small
The sand can’t hear me
Pleading groping hands
The truth can’t hear me
Bleeding in the sand
Your heart can’t hear me
Bleak desolation
In a beam of sun
Like an angel you’ll come
In a dream, blessed one
And, make me joyfully numb
Razor fingers cling
The wind can’t hear me
Piercing demons sing
The sand can’t hear me
Twisting hollow Hell
The truth can’t hear me
Burning blisters swell
Your heart can’t hear me
Sharp cut aching breath
Your arms can’t hear me
Choking scent of death
Your hands can’t hear me
Grueling jaw bone grind
Your eyes can’t hear me
Cursed by my own mind
Your heart can’t hear me



сряда, 19 август 2009 г.

Before They made us

I will never forget the tenderness
of the lips that were kissing my soul.
Even after ten thousand years,
even when in dust the Earth transforms.

Never. In this very fragile moment
before the universes gently blew up
and the first stars blasted all around.
When you were spread everywhere on me.

When we were transpierced by the new-born beams
and the straight lines were still curved,
We were two god like nebulosities
before They made us flesh and blood.

петък, 7 август 2009 г.


Summer rays, birds in flight
and forgotten sleeps evil.
Where and when all began?
Was it really ever?

Lost were deep in the ages
in the mean darkest darkness
our dearest places
source of grace and of kindness.

Dressed in wild precious stones,
wise sapphires, sunny diamonds,
crystal arcs, shiny domes,
all that sunk in the silence...

There's a spell, mighty spell,
whispering winds Laws of mercy,
shouting them till the End,
till the Love breaks the curses.

Till the night turns all bright
and on earth falls the Heaven.
Till we rise - Gods of Light.
Free. Reborn. Still. Forever.

събота, 1 август 2009 г.


Изтритите стълби викнаха,
предпразнично полудели.
С неземни цветя поникнали
да ни разкрасят неделята.

С парченца от пъстри чаши
от вятъра запокитени.
Небето, не знаят, наше е
и тайничко ни намигва.

Препълнено и задушно,
из двора ни тракат скелети.
По масите тропат духове
със розички на ревера.

Не спират да ни заливат
с порой от любезни глупости.
Червеното ми отива ?
Вземи ме и да танцуваме.

Вземи ме и да забравим.
За сенките по терасите,
дошли да ни изучават.
От залеза капе щастие,

по устните - звезден шепот,
под пръстите ти - безкраят.
Нощта във очите ти - нежна е.
А всичко след нея ... тайна.

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