вторник, 17 май 2011 г.


Philip Carr-Gomm, The Elements of the Druid tradition

Turning around and around in a circle,
Spiralling towards the centre,
We know that we have come to the centre of who we are.
We crouch on the earth, we touch her with our hands.
We know that we have come to be with her.
Finding ourselves we have found our connection with Nature.
We sing, we speak poetry, we chant, we make music
- finding our hearts we have found the heart of the mystery.
Finding the depths we have found the Way to be simple.

Druidry is not a complicated path. It may not even be a path. Appreciating it involves reorienting oneself so that one can approach the mysterious, the feminine, the Arts, both aesthetic and esoteric, in a way that allows us to let go of our assumptions and presumptions about life and instead carries us, as in a Druid ceremony, around the circle of our life towards the still point at the centre of which is both our True Self and the Divine Source.

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