неделя, 27 септември 2009 г.

Angels of the Winter Dawn - Lyrics

(L. Turilli)

Feeling so lost
Trapped in a hybrid clones' world
Echoes and ghosts wandering sad and lonely

Dead or Alive?
Catching the wind of sorrow
Dust in the eyes
Victim of neural blindness
Inner fight

Heaven and hell
Biblical choice for mankind
Sinners and pain
Destined to be condemned

No way and no shame
To underline the misrule
Bitter awake
The clear embrace of dark fate
Where and why?

In your silence
I could find the hidden words
All the secrets lost in heaven
and my angels of the winter dawn

In your wonder
I could hear the inner call
In a crystal tear of water
Welcome Angels of the winter dawn

Red bleeding rose
Message of shining presence
Trace in the snow
Of sudden revelation

Material lie
Merciful words of order
I freed my ears
For a new astral conscience
White star shine



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