събота, 22 август 2009 г.

Maire Brennan - Misty Eyed Adventures

Gently reach the blossom
Part the leaves and journey on
Don’t be afraid
Seas are deep
Stay close to me
Picture ships full of treasures
Stormy Weather warning clouds
Don’t be afraid
Oceans are wide
Feel our time is precious
Promising that you turn to me
Side by side
Arm in arm
My love is true
Echo sound of raindrops call
Never fear I’m there when you fall
Side by side
Hand in hand
My love is true

Misty eyed adventures
Frame of thought be brave and bold
Don’t be afraid
Birds will sing
Always for you
Springtime days will grow longer
Building castles happy and sad
Don’t be afraid
Years will pass
Feel our love is endless


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