вторник, 5 май 2009 г.

All the ways leading elsewhere


Green as jade was the colour of my dress
all embroidered with forest blue flowers.
Steel grey eyes and the hair in flames,
white as snow magic pearls in my crown.

I had golden key on a necklace,
in the gloaming presented by witches,
keeping stairs of stars through the Neverness
to the Lands beyond the Grey shadows.

Half-asleep I was walking on stony paths.
Blindly looking all over the squares
for the One who I loved by night.
Bit by bit growing old. But still young.

Growing old and redeeming my promise.
In this city with ebony towers.
In this trap of the time seeking fords.
Getting elsewhere... hour by hour.

I had golden crown, have you forgot?
And a beautiful purple blood wrap.
Broken key on a necklace of love.
And a madness concealed in the eyes.

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