понеделник, 20 април 2009 г.

I'll be the whisper in your hair


I remember still the warm reflection
in your sight overflowing with love,
and fulfilled with the purest affection,
with thin veins of faith and blind hope.

I remember the deep bleeding wounds
Not in armor engraved, but in your heart.
You were killing a part of yourself
Leaving pieces of you on each star.

I remember … At parting was floating
Love through the sharpen rock slits.
And the soil was soaked with love
And the dust was flooded with tears.

All the warriors are perished for ages
Beneath the cold bosom of the sky,
But the old oaths with metal taste
Are still glimmering deep in your eyes.

You are roaming with rust on the mail,
In long forgotten bloodstained fields,
And your soul is fading away.
I am gathering words of relief.

Tomorrow morning when you’ll be drowning
In a morbid sleep, broken by fever,
I will come with the colors of the dawn
And I’ll be the whisper in your hair.

And I’ll be the prayer on your lips,
The ray of light in your deepest abysses,
You’ll be looking me still half asleep,
And, in front of us, the eternity will be.

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